People versus Dialogue

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Faced with the flight of the official opposition, which in an unusual turn of survival has decided to deepen to survive the symbiotic relationship with the regime, we Venezuelans cannot remain paralyzed before such a lack of moral and ethics of those who until yesterday we consider opposition leaders.

After seeing Manuel Rosales in front of Fernando del Rincón’s cameras on CNN en Español (see interview at it is impossible to continue considering this leader and his party as opponents of the government. In the same way, it is impossible to continue considering Henry Falcón’s Avanzada Progresista Party as an opponent, who in open manipulation of the regime emerges as the first party to promote municipal candidatures that are playing the “opposition” game against government candidates in elections that aim to draw a democratic situation that does not exist in Venezuela.

This relationship of mutual symbiosis with the government of the constituent parties of this electoral “unity”, which expired on October 15, is understood to mean that the only way those dinosaurs of opposition politics can survive in the very serious situation in which all of them have put us, is that they embrace the regime with all their strength, creating an irreversible situation that makes them endure in Venezuelan politics.

That is why what remains of the former MUD is desperately trying to resurrect dialogue in the Dominican Republic, convincing some of the Lima Group’s friendly countries that this is the solution for Venezuela. It would be very important for the ambassadors of Chile, Mexico and Paraguay, who have been convinced by these pseudo-opposers, to attend the Formula Arria session on Monday 13 November in the United Nations Security Council to learn about the real political situation of our country and decide whether they will accompany this new trap of a “dialogue” with the Venezuelan regime, used to remain in power in Venezuela. For those countries to understand well, it is as if in the Dominican Republic, Mariscal Philippe Petain is meeting with representatives of the Third German Reich to decide the future of France in the 1940s.

But having no opposition figures for the betrayal and consequent death of the official opposition gathered in the MUD, we Venezuelans are in a kind of limbo of not knowing where to grab to get out of this immeasurable crisis where the regime has put us. And any “exit” offered by any of these “opponents” can look attractive if they do not see more proposals to consider on the table even though there are. But since they are not driven by those who sank us on the 15-O and because we do not have the speakers that they have, they are not sufficiently known by the Venezuelan people.

Since October 28, the National Constituent Alliance has proposed to the country and especially to those who are still Deputies of the National Assembly and still have the responsibility of being the only legitimate power in Venezuela, a route that involves all Venezuelans in the solution of the Venezuelan political crisis. We summarize this solution in our communiqué “The solution resides in the sovereign people” (see it in Spanish at, and implies a consultation with the Venezuelan people who suffer the regime of Nicolás Maduro so that they can participate and point the way forward in this destroyed Venezuela.

We have addressed a formal communication to the National Assembly’s Board of Directors to ask them as Venezuelans, that they have the responsibility to summon the people to decide their destiny and act accordingly (see Letter to the National Assembly 06-11-2017, at We want to know whether or not they will be in favor of a solution or are part of the problem. No director of the National Assembly, or the deputies or leaders of the parties that live there, have the authorization of the sovereign people of Venezuela to negotiate any agreement with the regime in dialogues and even less in the current state of affairs of the official opposition. Only the sovereign people of Venezuela have that right, nor the opposition parties, only the people through their own convocation. That is why the solution lies in the voice of the people themselves called for a consultative referendum.

In this state of gravity of things in Venezuela and the final decomposition of all the opposition parties and their leaders, responsible for this great tragedy of our population, the least that should be done by the deputies who were elected with great hope on December 6, 2015 is to ask the depositary of sovereignty what should be done in Venezuela. Our approach is clear: to immediately consult the people of Venezuela in a Consultative Referendum convened by simple majority by the National Assembly in the following terms: 1) Approve or not, that Venezuelans conceive a true process of reunification and national reconciliation, which guarantee in peace, the transformation and refoundation of the country, and avoid a painful confrontation between brothers with serious and irreparable consequences; 2) Approve or not, declare dissolved the National Constituent Assembly convened by the government and revoke and declare all decisions null; 3) Approve or not, that the people of Venezuela as depository of the original constituent power, convene a legitimate National Constituent Assembly by Popular Initiative with Bases Comiciales, which incorporate proportionally, the broadest citizen representation and the principle of the universality of the vote. If positive, sign the attached Signature Collection Form; 4) Approve or not, that a legitimate National Constituent Assembly, name a Government of Transition of National Unity and the Renewal of Public Powers in compliance with the mandate of the People’s Consultation of July 16.

We are making the solution known to the world. Deputies citizens have the floor.

Caracas, November 10, 2017



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