Maduro, go in peace

By Luis Manuel Aguana

When the inevitability of the death of President Hugo Chávez Frías was already untenable to public opinion, I wrote a very respectful note entitled “President, die in peace” (see in Spanish at Without detailing the matter, in short, I asked him to settle his affairs on earth before leaving, because God had imposed a penalty on him that would resolve, if not everything, at least in large part, the disaster that had caused us all Venezuelans.

This time I want to do something similar but with the regime of Nicolás Maduro: to settle his affairs before leaving.  The regime is already showing unequivocal signs of proximity to death, which become evident when they apply the penalty of exile to people considered their political enemies, in clear violation of the provisions of our Constitution in its Article 50:”…No act of the Public Power may establish the penalty of estrangement from the national territory against Venezuelans”.

What part of “No act of public power” did the regime not understand by exiling Vilca Fernández to Peru? Undoubtedly, with these actions, the regime shows that it is aware of the nearness of death and the irreversibility of the results -Tiby Lucena dixit– of all this disaster they have caused in Venezuela.

However, as Chavez was when I wrote that note in 2011, the government still clings to one last breath and kicks, like El Galactico in his time, against the Constitution, forcing Venezuelans to change prison for exile, as it did in the worst moments of our past dictatorships. If anyone inside or outside Venezuela doubted that this “government” in Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuela was a dictatorship, they were already convinced of that irrefutable fact. And that is not tolerable on this continent in the 21st century.

Consequently, the MUD/Frente-Amplio should already be changing their electoral discourse and soaking their fences because everyone here, whether we like it or not, has a number. But faithful to their collaborationist tradition, it seems that they are already preparing to support the regime in the next elections for city councillors announced by the CNE in December, despite the fact that no dictatorship agrees to take part in an electoral contest if they do not count the votes themselves and start to win, as happened on March 20. If they insist on that, they will be giving Maduro and his electoral “triumph” a boost and recognition, denying the ruling of the legitimate Supreme Court, which declared the current Venezuelan electoral system null and void (see the ruling of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Venezuela in According to it, no more automated voting elections can be held in Venezuela.

But let’s go back to the inevitability of the end, and what they should be doing in the regime to go in peace as suggested to Chavez before his death and which in this case translates into the regime leaving “with as little trauma as possible” for everyone, including them. And I am not referring precisely to the thesis of Maduro Quits! which is the thesis of the anti-MUD opponents, and which does not necessarily imply that he leaves voluntarily and in peace.

Assuming as obvious that the regime does not want to leave, usurping the government of the country, provoking the greatest discomfort and rejection that has occurred in history, committing acts and crimes of all kinds punishable by international justice, and the fences closing more and more around its neck, what would a criminal do to avoid escaping from this hostage situation in which they themselves have been involved, submitting to the Venezuelans?

Little by little testaferros and relatives of the main heads of the regime are being expelled from many countries of the world, and they are besieged in Venezuela. They cannot leave without being captured by the international police and sent to the United States on criminal charges.

If you were in that situation, what would you do? Perhaps the most logical thing to do would be to negotiate to see how he gets rid of justice like any criminal who breaks into a bank and threatens to kill the hostages, but is surrounded outside by the police. There’s nowhere to run. As they gradually cut off their foreign survival routes, what remains for them is to take refuge in the country with the ever-increasing risk of ending up like Benito Mussolini and Clara Petacci, in Milan’s Loreto Square, at the hands of those who were their victims, while they tried desperately to flee the situation. I imagine that must be the recurring nightmare of many of them.

But why get to that? Why not leave in peace as I suggested to Chavez in 2011? It is clear that after having committed a fraud of the magnitudes of 20M, Maduro and his regime will not dawn one day saying “I’m leaving.” There should be a succession of previous steps that lead concertedly to an end with as little trauma as possible. Our suggestion: a Popular Consultation. Paradoxically, a Popular Consultation is an exit that suits everyone equally. Why? Because it would obey the popular mandate that comes from it. The terms will be those that the sovereign decides but with the votes counted by the civil society -without the CNE-, with the observation of the international community.

If the regime allows this consultation in the knowledge that they will lose it, they will leave through the front door, and if in this consultation a call to the Original Constituent is foreseen, as our proposal was made (see “Why ANCO proposes a new National Consultation”, in Spanish at, then the population that still accompanies the regime would have its proportional representation according to the followers that still have. There should be no hostage-rescue violence (if such a thing is proposed), nor should there be social implosion with hordes seeking revenge (in my opinion in some justified cases) on those who have ruined and massacred this population of hunger and disease. And best of all, the National Emergency Government chosen would come out of a popular decision to authorize the Original Constituent to appoint them. It’s not about rocket science, it’s just pure common sense.

If this message reaches someone in the regime who can’t sleep thinking they should “die for the revolution”, they don’t have to. If he has not committed crimes, it can continue to fight democratically in a legitimate National Constituent Assembly, if the people give him their representation in constituent elections validated by the whole world. It could also do so later in a democratic Congress resulting from a new constitution. Furthermore, I believe that many people would agree with this solution and would accept it, including the military.

But it is clear that there must also be justice. This Legitimate National Constituent Assembly should, without witch-hunts, designate a Special Court to establish responsibilities for all the crimes committed during this long period, from the misappropriation and theft of resources from the Nation to the crimes and violations of human rights of Venezuelans.

Could this proposal be possible? It is as possible as it was when I asked Hugo Chavez to make amends for his mistakes before he died. He didn’t and I don’t think he’s having a great time wherever he is. The Creator must be treating him in the same way he treated the Venezuelans, which is why he must be very sorry that he did not follow my suggestion.

Now my recommendation to a dying regime is to propose to them the same thing I suggested to the Galactic in his opportunity: that they die in peace. That is, they should resolve before leaving if they want to save themselves, not only by agreeing to consult the Venezuelan people in the proposed terms, but also by obeying the popular verdict, whatever it may be. In other words, let the Venezuelan people decide! This will not only allow them as a political group to “die in peace” (in a figurative way, of course) as Hugo Chávez declined to do at the time, but also to remain in the political game of the Venezuela to come. They are still in time to do better than their Commander, saving themselves from the designs of Divine Justice, leaving in peace…

Caracas, June 18, 2018



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